It is suitable for use adults. This products are  100% natural and production  with herbal standardized, specialized extracts. It is use liver disease for treatment. Also protect to liver and regulate bile.

Qepahass Tablet

Milk Thistle extract, Vitamin B1-3-5-6-12 , Papaya extract.

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Hassxol Tablet

Milk Thistle extract, Dandelion extract, Mint extract, Cumin extract, Alder buckthorn extract.

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Hepanol Tablet

Milk Thistle extract, Artichoke extract.

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Green ART Tablet

Artichoke extract.

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FORMULATIONS: 1 Tablet in 60 tablets.

Cynara scolymus extract…………………………… 20 mg


Pharmacological :

Cynara scolymus extract : 

(1) with the function of increasing human bifidobacterium and adjusting gastrointestinal   function; 

(2) with the function of enhancing immune function; 

(3) with the function of reducing blood sugar and cholesterol; 

(4) with the function of improving the fat metabolism and losing weight.



CONTRAINDICATIONS : High sensitivity to any component of this preparation should not use ones.


USE :   The Phytosterols have a protective effect from the vascular diseases. The reduction of the cholesterol LDL is caused by the diminution of its absorption. The beta glucans are the most greater components of the soluble fraction of food fiber and they practice, therefore, functions as deceleration of the gastric emptying and increase the intestinal muscle contraction.



1 tablet once daily.


Dietary supplement 

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